What can i expect when i visit?

Visiting a new church, especially if you are not familiar with church, can be a potentially intimidating event.  Faith Baptist Church wants to make this both an easy and ultimately rewarding experience.  Toward that end, here are some things that might help you as you visit for the first time.    


Your first experience upon arriving is parking.  Many of our members purposely park away from the entrance so that our visitors can have prime position.  Therefore, please don’t feel like you are taking someone’s spot.  They have made this simple gesture to let you know how grateful they are of your visiting with us.  Parking is available on the lower level right off Westminster Street and on the upper level on Mississippi Street.  The most numerous handicap parking spots are located on the upper level.

While we strive to begin our services on time each week, if you arrive a little bit after the start, please don’t worry about feeling badly.  We are eager to have you join us and in no way wish to make you feel uncomfortable or a “fish out of water” for being a late.  Our ushers will see to all your needs from hanging your coat and hat, placing children in our nursery, locating the restroom, to finding a desirable seat in the main auditorium. And don’t be bashful about asking our ushers for any other assistance you feel you need upon your arrival. That’s exactly what they live for!
Also note that between Sunday School and the AM Worship Service, we offer coffee and light snacks to all in the designated area of our main foyer located on the upper level.  All we ask is that you finish your drink & snack prior to entering the auditorium. It’s just our way of fostering community among our people as well as offering a “caffeine opportunity” if you feel so in need. 


Our worship service offers you the opportunity to offer unto God a genuine voice of thankfulness and petition.  The sermon will be delivered directly from the Bible by one of our Pastors in a genuine, passionate, heartfelt manner. 
At Faith Baptist Church, we offer to God a traditional worship both in music and in format.  Our service is lead by a skillful song leader and is assisted by piano, electronic keyboard, orchestra and choral ministries. During services, you may discover that after a congregational song or dedicated musical number some may say a heartfelt “amen” afterwards.  This is our way of clapping before God in genuine appreciation both for His reaching our hearts in the service as well as letting the music ministry know that they have served the Lord so well that others have been spiritually moved to say so.  
Our service ends with a time of “Consecration & Invitation.”  The consecration relates to those who wish to sing the closing hymn in thankful devotion to God, affirming in their spirit that they desire to continue service Him with the same devotion with which they began the service.  The invitation is what it sounds like it would be.  If you discover a truth that you have come to either understand God wants in your life or you simply desire more information about what you have heard preached, you may respond following the directions of the preacher.  And don’t worry, we offer those desiring to respond to the message to walk towards the back of the auditorium, not simply the front!

Is there a “dress code”?

NO.  While you will find many in coats and ties for the guys and dresses and skits for the ladies, you will also discover others not wearing them.  Please do not let your clothing determine whether you visit us or not.  You don’t need to worry whether your clothing is “good enough” to attend.  As a matter of fact, God states in the Bible that the Church is not to give preference to expensively dressed people by placing them in prime auditorium seating while showing disdain to someone wearing non-expensive clothing (James 2:1-9)! As said already, we are just thrilled to have you with us. We will accept you for who you are and there will be no stares of “judgment” coming from others. 

What are your Service Lengths?

While special services can last longer, we generally try to keep our services at about one hour.  Sunday School Bible Study is 45 minutes in length.

Do you have a children’s nursery?

Yes!  We offer a very modern, well stocked, nursery staffed by vetted, caring workers.  You can place your infant to 4 year old in our nursery with great confidence that they will both received professional attention and age appropriate spiritual teaching during their stay in our nursery.  The Church nursery is located on the lower level next to the church kitchen complex. Nursery is offered suring the times of Sunday School, AM Worship, and the PM Service on Sundays.
For children older than our nursery offering, we have something we call “children’s church” during every Sunday Morning Worship.  The children begin the service in the right front the auditorium and are dismissed along with the teachers (who also sit with them in the auditorium) toward the end of the opening song service of AM Worship.  
With either option, you may pick your children up at the close of Morning Worship downstairs. Faith Baptist is meant for the entire family!

Are visitors “put on the spot” during services?

Some people have a bad taste in their mouth because when visiting a church in the past, they were made to stand up during a service and identify as a visitor. Or others had to sit in place as everyone else sang a song they did not know and rush them to shake hands quickly.  While we know that churches who practice welcoming that way are trying to be sincere, we don’t do that to visitors at Faith Baptist Church.  We’ve purposely thought through the first time practice visitors experience and the only “special” thing that will happen to you when you visit is our ushers will leave you with a thoughtfully prepared welcome packet and pen.  You are not even expected to put anything in the offering plate as a visitor!  And the pen is yours to keep. We want your thoughts on God during a service, not on what might happen to you next!

I once visited a church where people ran around the auditorium during a service, yelled, and made loud noises. is your worship like that?


I have more questions.

We have no illusions that we have answered every question anyone may want to ask.  Please feel free to call us (651-771-5567) or email us (fbc@fbcstp.org).  We will be happy to respond as soon as possible.